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Terms of agreement

The Present User Agreement, hereinafter "Agreement," is between the Internet — shop "chiptuningtools" having an Internet address and then "online store", and the User of services of the Internet store, hereinafter "Buyer," and defines the conditions for acquiring the latest merchandise in store.

1.1. this Agreement is between the Buyer and the online store at the time of ordering. The buyer confirms his consent with the conditions set forth in this Agreement.
1.2. this Agreement, as well as information about the products displayed on the Website are public offer.
1.3. the Buyer may be any natural or legal person, capable to accept and pay for the ordered goods in the manner and on the terms set forth in this Agreement.
1.4. Internet — the store reserves the right to amend this Agreement, and sells a variety of goods from suppliers in the contract between the Buyer and the online store, which is concluded by Acceptance of the Offer.
1.5. the End user can be a legal or natural person (citizen of any country or a person without citizenship), while the age limit – eighteen years of age or have age rights and obligations of civil capacity in full.the

2.1. Availability of products the online store  in rare cases, may change for technical problems or software issues warehouse online store.
2.2. online store offers additional services payment and may amend or modify the list of additional services to display on the pages of the online store.
2.3. In case if the product for some objective reasons, out of stock and the order cannot be implemented fully or in part, the operator of the Internet store associated with the Buyer offers and, if possible, different delivery time or a replacement for other goods. The online shop is entitled to notify the Buyer about the circumstances in the pages of the site with a proposal to communicate on certain channels.
2.4. Accompanying the product pictures are only illustrations and may vary from actual product. Accompanying the product description or specifications are not exhaustive and may contain inaccuracies. Change the information in the online store are made periodically.
2.5. Buyer is responsible for the correctness of names and the number of selected products. After selecting the desired product, the Buyer must complete the required information specified in the registration form. The purchaser must provide the actual data required for the execution of the order. Online store is not responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the data provided by the Client and the consequences caused by this.
2.6. Sale is considered completed from the moment of transfer of the ordered goods and the full payment of the order. Is part of the public offer Agreement and provided that the Buyer expresses the intention to conclude a contract for the provision of services, namely to purchase and pay for the product in the system and through additional services payment in the order of the conditions set forth in the regulations of the online shop within the framework of this offer.

3. The conclusion of the CONTRACT
3.1. public offer Agreement on rendering of services of the Internet shop selling goods provided by the service store online Internet order and on terms stipulated by the rules. This Agreement is concluded by acceptance by the Buyers of this public Offer containing all essential terms of the Contract, without signing by the Parties and without giving any details.
3.2. the Contract is considered concluded if an Agreement is reached on all essential terms. In the absence of such requirements to the Offer, and in any case, the offer to conclude the Contract did not contain all essential terms of the Contract, the acceptance of such an offer wouldn't be drawn to the legal consequences — the recognition that a Contract is concluded.
3.3. Full and unconditional acceptance of this public Offer in accordance with the generally accepted rules and in accordance the terms of this Agreement is the achievement of the result specified by Buyer in the provision of Internet services — shop with preliminary actions aimed at the establishment of remote collaboration.
3.4. Required actions of the online store prior to the provision of services are:  familiarization with the terms of this Offer;  independent determination of the Buyer when making purchases in the online store is used any data in the process of payment.
3.5. In case of any problems with the goods, which occurred obviously before receipt of the goods, the Buyer compulsory communicates with the managers on these particular contact of the online store within 24 hours after payment – of the transaction and the corresponding cash amount.
3.6. the online store is defined herein, i.e., provided that the exercise of an exclusive sales of goods from different suppliers, with the obligatory exception condition any exchange, purchase, etc.

4.1. by the Time of acquaintance with the terms of this Agreement and of elements offer is a Commission by the Buyer of all actions to complete the purchase. The conclusion of the Contract means that the Buyer fully acquainted with the terms of service, system sales of the online store, of course, recognize the result of the services described on the website of the store in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and elements of the offer.
4.2. this document is valid at the time of purchase, in the form of an electronic document available to the Buyer on the Internet — shop's.
4.3. statistics of service delivery and providing the Buyer access thereto is the service of the online store. Access to the statistics of rendering of services is carried out through the user interface on the website of the online store with the use of means of identification of the buyer in accordance with the selected payment method.
4.4. In the framework of this Agreement provides for information support of online Buyers – store in part related to its operation, service, payment and other issues.
4.5. Receiving the purchased goods takes place only through well-defined service. Methods of payment represented by the payment service, which operates the online store. If you encounter problems with the payment process you must contact the store managers. Online store is not responsible for delays and financial operations. Including transactions through terminals, by means of other payment systems, etc.
4.6. online store operates 24 hours a day. Information support of works on irregular schedule.
4.7. Information support the Internet – shop is entitled to ask the Buyer any data on the purchase.
4.8. Calculate the value provided to the online store's services and is used at the interest rates specified on the store website.

5.1. online store undertakes to:
5.2. to Comply with accepted business practice, the terms of this Agreement and elements of the offer attached to it of the Agreements or Applications, as well as the approved Rules of the Internet — store, if any.
5.3. do Not contribute to the enjoyment of other persons unauthorized access to the user equipment, including access to information arrays Buyers.
5.4. In the following and certain circumstances Internet – the shop is entitled to refuse service to the Buyer.
5.5. List reasons for the denial of service can be, but is not limited to the listed cases:  detection of deliberate deceit of the service of the online store;  dissemination of information to third parties about the purchase, including the announcement of the account number, time of purchase etc.  any manifestations of threats to the service of the online store; the  harm to the service, even a minor one, and attempts to harm;  spreading false information about the service of the online store;  the use of different versions of flood: normal flood, nick flood, smile a flood, wipe, etc. to any contacts of the service, including administration, information support and so on;  the appeal of one natural or legal person with several rooms of different contacts;  dissemination, including defamatory, information about any cooperation with the service of the online store.
5.6. In case of denial of service:  store service terminates to exercise any consultations on any questions; informational support categorically not carried out;  taking steps to ban new purchases.
5.7. the Buyer has the right to:
5.7.1. to Obtain the necessary information about any changes to the service Internet — shop within the framework of this Agreement and elements of the public offer;
5.7.2. to Unsubscribe at any time unilaterally from the execution of this Agreement, subject to payment by the other Party actually incurred expenses for the provision of those services.
5.8. the Rights and obligations of Buyer under this Agreement may not be transferred to other persons without the prior written consent of the other Party.
5.9. the Buyer shall be entitled to:
5.9.1. to assign the right of claim for its obligations to third parties, notifying the service of the online store via the user interface of the website or any other means possible cumulative connection;
5.9.2. to Pass a duty on payment rendered online — shop services to a third party.
5.10. Buyer's responsibility to comply not only with the Agreement of the online store, but also for each category of goods purchased with Agreements manufacturers. Moreover, the acquaintance with these Agreements the Buyer makes their own.
5.11. the Buyer is obliged to fulfil the agreed terms of the Agreement after receipt of the goods purchased. The process of communication with the information assistance, including online store, is exclusively based on the available information for contacts on the site.
5.8. Parties are not responsible for non-delivery of messages via any means of communication, including by e-mail due to technical problems in the Internet, communication, problem hosting, use the anti-spam filters and other reasons.

6.1. the Parties are relieved from responsibility for full or partial failure to fulfill obligations hereunder if such failure was due to the action of force majeure circumstances, namely: natural disasters, war, blockades, acts of government authorities that affect the performance of obligations under this Agreement, other force majeure circumstances. The period of performance of obligations hereunder is delayed in proportion to the time during which it will act in such circumstances.
6.2. To the circumstances of force majeure are events that the Parties can not influence and for occurrence of which are not responsible.
6.3. during the period of force majeure and other circumstances exempting the Parties ' obligations are suspended. Sanctions for breach of obligations do not apply.
6.4. the Party which has created the impossibility of performance of obligations under this Agreement, shall immediately in writing inform the other Party of the occurrence of the above circumstances. Late, over 10 days, notice of the occurrence of force majeure circumstances deprives the Party against which there are such circumstances, the right to refer to them in the future, as the reason of non-performance or improper performance of obligations under this Agreement.

7. DISPUTES between the PARTIES
7.1. All disputes that may arise hereunder or in connection herewith shall be settled by negotiation between the Parties. All disagreements can be resolved under the rules of the service.

8. The TERM of the AGREEMENT 
8.1. this Agreement shall enter into force from the date of registration, purchase and / or read the content of the Agreement. The conclusion of the offer means that the Buyer fully acquainted with the terms of service, the operation of the system of the online store acknowledges its undoubted suitability to achieve the result of providing the services described on the website of the online store in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. With the full and unconditional acceptance of this Offer. The acceptance of the Offer creates true contractual relationship under this Agreement.
8.2. the Agreement will terminate at the time of sending in the address of the Internet store the Buyer signed the document, replacing all earlier agreements achieved by the Parties.

9.1. this Agreement is made in Russian and be sure to review all of the parties to the Agreement.
9.2. if for whatever reason one or more provisions of these terms and conditions be held invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.