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FLEX release is out, alongside FLEX's first batch of OBD protocols!

FLEX release is out, alongside FLEX's first batch of OBD protocols!

MAGICMOTORSPORT is proud to announce that from today Flex can officially be used via OBD on BMW and VAG MEDC17, respectively by ENET and OBD cables connected to the tool. Thanks to Flex interfacing system, it is NO longer needed (as with X17 and most of the tools on the market) to connect the OBD cable to the computer and use it to make ENET work. Instead, Flex has a built-in system that allows for extremely higher reliability, compatibility with several more (advanced as well as less recent) computers.

OBD/Bench Protocols for ECUs (car, bikes, vans)

What is that?

All OBD and Bench protocols for ECUs are rounded up in this module. This module can use FLX2.10 or FLX2.11 cables (general purpose OBD and ENET cable).

Special features: 
An increased programming speed compared to X17. Stability of protocol is even more high, which allows for safer writings even on less expensive working environments. In case of Master & Slave ECUs, Flex will automatically recognize the Slave ECU and write the same file loaded on Master ECU on both - now there will be no reason to worry about remembering to write both ECUs manually!

Which software package should I purchase?

If you have a MAGP1.2M/S, a MAGP1.12M/S (X17) this protocol is totally free of charge.
Contact the Sales Department via chat at or send an email to to purchase the OBD/Bench protocols for ECUs (car, bikes, vans) package (FLS0.1M/S).

Software improvements

Vehicle List: on BMW and VAG MEDC17 ECUs we have joined Master & Slave ECU entries since OBD protocol can work on both master & slave ECU at the same time.
Bug fixes

Added new algo checksum for BMW EDC17CP45