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Keymaster Rusdiag maximb
Keymaster Rusdiag maximb
Product Code: 110- Keymaster Rusdiag

Keymaster Rusdiag maximb

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The MaxiMB set includes:

  • Interface OBD
  • Programmer + Power adapter
  • Key CHIP Adapter-Adapter for reading NEC memory
  • Key holder – adapter for reading / writing data in keys via IR
  • IR cable reader- IR key with cable for operating stations
  • 2 USB cable
  • a suitcase

Additional accessories:

Detailed description
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* Basic set
Extension modules for SETS
  • 14 in 1 MULTI cable adapter – to comfort work with eis,elv,ecu,gearbox,EWM,DSM,ISM,on bench
  • Gateway emulator – for w164, w211, W209,W269 on bench
  • BE-type key – 3 buttons – repeated use – programming, erasing via Ir (This key replaces all types of keys between 2000-2014) It is possible to change the frequency 315 / 433Mhz from the program level
  • ELV emulator CHIP– to use  W204,207,209,211,169,906,203.212, and many others. Chosing type from ur program level. Can be working like normal elv or EMULATOR ELV!