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Flex-modular solution for repair and chip tuning of cars. Flex is a complete set of tools, accessories and services. Flex tools support operation with ECU engine and automatic transmission, released from 1999 to the present day. This system can be used to reprogram the control units as well as to reconfigure the recovered ECUs by overwriting the entire CONTENTS. Flex tools offer advanced crash recovery features. Users of Flex tools are assisted by a team of technical specialists. Online chat and database with files and manuals are just some of the services provided by MMS support.

Flex is a solution for vehicles equipped with EDC16, EDC17, MED17, MED9, MEDV17, Marelli 6/8, Denso, Delphi and other modern ECUS. The device supports CAN-bus operation (ISO 15765-4 and SAE-J2234), as well as K-line (ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4), TP2.0 and UDS. The device supports reading, writing, checking and correction of checksums of the recorded file. In most cases, the checksum correction is performed on the fly without an online connection. Along with the interface comes a Breakbox adapter with cables that allow you to perform operations with the ECU based on TRICORE & Nexus in BSL mode.

Additional services as DPF-OFF, Immo OFF, Hot Start fix, AdBlue OFF, Swirl Flaps OFF, ECU Clone database original files, and then etc., available for all major users of Flex tools.

Flex is available in Master and Slave versions. To organize the work of several specialists (network of representatives), it is cheaper to use Flex Slave devices. In the first year updates and support are included in the price of the device.

The Ru-Tek company is the official representative of Magic Motorsport in the territory of the Russian Federation.


  1. FLK35 Cabling kit: FLX3.5 color coded wiring harness
  2. FLK42 Adapter kit: 6 pcs set of pin adapters to FLX4.2
  3. FLX1.1 FLEX Base Module
  4. FLX1.9 FlexBox Module for FLEX
  5. FLX2.10 Connection cable OBD: FLEX to CAN/Kline RED
  6. FLX2.11 Connection cable OBD: FLEX to ENet GREEN
  7. FLX3.9 Connection cable: USB 2.0 AM-BM BLK 1.8m
  8. FLX4.9 Power Supply adapter 110-240V 14V 5A
  9. FLX3.3 Connection cable: FlexBox port C to NEC 7F00 XX
  10. FLX3.4 Connection cable: FlexBox port D to BDM MPC5xx
  11. FLX4.1 FlexBox port E 40 pins adapter for FLX3.5
  12. FLX9.1 Flex & FlexBox diagnostic adapter
  13. FLX8.10 FLEX Branded Box

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