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Advantages of the Scanmatic 2 set

  • Quick payback. Due to the affordable cost of the kit — at the price of the set Skanmatik 1, saved one of the most important advantages — a small payback time. This is one of the most important indicators for the means of production. After all, it is no accident that the owners of the equipment were not only auto repair shops, but advanced car owners who use the equipment in order to refuse the services of unskilled car services. And even if such an infrequent use was economically justified, the use in a service station with a good load-even more so

  • Ability to work with the most popular brands and models of cars. We focus primarily on meeting the most urgent needs of our customers. We will rely on them in the process of further software modernization.

  • Continuity. The second generation of equipment has absorbed all the functions provided by the previous one. The basic principles of the user interface organization, functions of report files generation, data flow recording and saving have been preserved. Settings have become even more convenient. Accordingly, the transition to a new generation for customers does not cause any difficulties.

  • Low PC/PDA requirements. Allows you to choose to work more affordable PC/PDA models — with simpler configurations. This also reduces the cost of organizing the workplace diagnostician

  • USB and Bluetooth interfaces. The kit works on a choice of high-speed connections: wireless Bluetooth or wired USB. Self-developed drivers are digitally signed by Microsoft and are therefore compatible with the latest versions of Windowsoperating systems.

  • Prospect of development. The experience of application and development of the first generation is taken into account, it is possible to increase the capabilities only through the development of software — both for control devices (PC — PDA) and internal SOFTWARE of the diagnostic adapter. Support is provided for all common diagnostic protocols, as well as multiplexing.

  • Direct work with Bluetooth and USB. Connection without COM port emulation does not require additional devices or settings from the user. Improves connection speed and fault tolerance.

  • Automatic switching. The built-in multiplexer allows you to programmatically control the switching of diagnostic lines of the car, displayed on different contacts of the diagnostic connector.

  • Improved protection. From overvoltage and polarity reversal of power inputs, short-circuit of signal lines to ground or + of vehicle on-Board network. Separate power inputs from the diagnostic pad and the battery / cigarette lighter avoid short circuits in the vehicle's on-Board network.

  • And for 12V and 24V. Suitable for a variety of vehicle on-Board voltage in the range of 5-35V. This design does not require additional devices or activities to work with trucks. It is enough only to modify the software.

    The basic kit includes an interface for connecting to cars and the necessary software(all currently available software modules). The program is built on a modular principle, similarly to the program "Scanmatic 1". Possible modes of operation are determined by the selected software module and the capabilities of a particular control system. With the features of the interface can be found by watching the video. The PDA program has the same capabilities as the PC program. The report files created by both versions of the program are absolutely compatible. That is, for example, you can create a report file on the PDA, and work with it on the PC.

    PC system requirements

    • Operating system Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP (32, 64 bit) / Vista (32, 64 bit) / Win7 (32, 64 bit)
    • Processor clock speed, not less than 200 MHz (for Win98/ ME, for other operating systems see minimum requirements for operating system)
    • RAM, not less than 32Mb (for Win98/ ME, for other operating systems see minimum requirements for operating system)
    • The free space on a hard disk with at least 7Mb
    • When connected via USB, there is a free USB 1.1 port
    • If you connect via Bluetooth, you have a Bluetooth adapter (built-in or external)

      System requirements for PDA

      • Operating system-Pocket PC 2003 / Windows Mobile 2003 and newer
      • Free disk space, at least 7Mb

        Technical parameters

        • Supply voltage-5...35V from on-Board network car or USB
        • Current consumption, operating 100..300mA
        • Protection current 700mA
        • Supported data bus: 13 x ISO-9141/ISO-14230 (Cline); 1 x j1850 by vpw; 1 x J1850 PWM; 1 x high speed can (ISO-15765); 1 x medium speed can (gmlan); 1 x wire can (gmlan)
        • Bluetooth range, not less than 10 m
        • Adapter sizes SM-2 (Д x Ш x В), не более 970мм x 750мм x 220мм
        • The length of the main cable — 1.8м
        • Cable length USB — 1.8м
        • Weight of the complete set, not more than 1.0 kg

          Kit contents

          • adapter SM2 (SMUSB)
          • main cable
          • the adapter is OBD2-16 for connection to car
          • USB cable for PC connection
          • Sm2 cable.lighter-to connect to the cigarette lighter (if necessary)
          • CD-ROM with software and instructions

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