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You need to measure the engine power of the car, but there is no way to establish a stationary dyno?

Do you want to offer your customers something new and unusual? Then Insoric Realower systems are what you need!

Insoric RealPower is a high-precision, mobile system for measuring the power of a car engine.

Thanks to an innovative measurement method, the power is calculated in real conditions.

The technology provides accurate and reproducible results and does not require special user knowledge.

Insoric RealPower is an ideal tool for measuring power when tuning an engine. The measuring module captures all the necessary data:

  power on wheels
  engine power,
  maximum torque

Advantages of the Insoric RealPower system in comparison with the stationary roller dinotend:

Small amount of investment. It requires 5 times less investment compared to a stationary dynamometer.

High mobility. The whole system is placed in a convenient case. Does not require a separate room for work

High measurement accuracy. All measurements occur in real conditions. The measurement error is less than 1%.

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