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Skanmatik 2/2 PRO - version 2.21.2

The next version of the program for Skanmatik 2/2 PRO - version 2.21.2 has been released, new optional adapters are also available for order:

Major changes and additions:

- PAZ: added Allison 2000 Gen.4 transmission control unit (cars 2007-2014)
- KAMAZ / MAZ: added diagnostics of the SCR MGS / De-tronic system according to the factory protocol
- KAMAZ / MAZ: added diagnostics systems Daimler MR Euro 4/5, ADM3, FLA, Wabco EBS3 with the ability to parameterize
- KAMAZ / MAZ / PAZ / GAZ: added diagnostics of Wabco ECAS-6x2 systems with the ability to parameterize
- M240: added error code descriptions, SPN, FMI identifiers, reset of EOBD error codes
- Westport WP580: Supported Firmware Added
- EDC17: added firmware EDC17 P1639V200, P1639V310, P1639V320, P772v760
- EDC17: added configuration features (speed limit, etc.)
- EDC7, EDC17: the variable "difference of readings DPKV-DPRV" is added
- EDC7 P986: Fixed the variable "Voltage from the oil temp sensor"
- Android: did not pass the adaptation of AMT VAZ and other tests
- RP1210: fixed a bug that caused the JCB Service Master 2 program to freeze when exiting
- RP1210: bug fixed, NAVISTAR NED did not see the adapter
- VAZ: M86 variables added by ADC channels
- J2534: JLR SDD program did not start together with SM2J2534 driver
- J2534: Ignition Emulator Did Not Work in Consult 3
- other changes

Download links: