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Flex release ver.

This time Santa brought you huge updates for both your favourites tools. Here are all the new opportunities you can take advantage of with new Flex release, ver, codenamed H.0.0.H.0.0.H.0.0!

Santa granted us this special codename due to our efforts into doing another favour for the most hardworking team of Christmas: a brand new set of tunes on their Polaris bikes (using ME17.9.74), all done, of course, by Flex with its iconic bench protocol.

But we wouldn't be able to provide this and many other improvements to our past and current projects without the help of our great customers spread all around the world.

Besides general improvements and new protocols for the current software modules (80+ new vehicles for TCU module, including 6HP Fxx BMW, and 220+ for Bench/BL Tricore, among which MED17.1.12 Bugatti and EDC17C72 Honda), we also added new ones: BDM for MPC5xx and AUD for NEC 76F00xx.

So, before the technical details, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019!