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PcmFlash 1.22 NEW

  1. For the program to work, authorization of the "hardware security key" link and PC is now required. Authorization is carried out automatically via the Internet during the first operation.
  2. Added new package 77 "Bosch ME9 / MED9 / EDC16 Bootloader", designed to work in service mode with ECU ME9 / MED9 / EDC16. Supports reading and writing the built-in flash memory of MPC556 / MPC562 / MPC564 microcontrollers, external flash memory and EEPROM, as well as checking and correcting the CS and RSA signatures (except for MED9 VAG ECU)
  3. A new package 78 "Subaru Gearbox" has been added, designed to work with CVT control units installed in Subaru vehicles
  4. Package 12 "Honda / Acura CAN-bus" adds support for 85 new variants of existing ECUs.
  5. Package 13 "Honda / Acura K-Line" added support for new ECUs, redesigned Keihin ECU grouping.
  6. Package 19 added test support for ME17.9.1 ECU. Recording, checking and correction of the COP is supported.
  7. Package 25 "Renault / Nissan dCi" adds support for SID310 ECU installed on Nissan Juke vehicles with 1.5L diesel engine, as well as test support for DDCR ECU. Reading, writing, checking and correcting the COP is supported
  8. Package 26 "Mitsubishi Diesel CAN-bus" adds support for ECUs using SH72543 microcontroller. Supported reading and writing through the diagnostic connector of the car, checking and correcting the COP.
  9. Package 27 "Nissan CAN-bus Generation 2" adds support for new ECU variants.
  10. Package 29 "Ford PWM" adds support for COP for some ECU variants.
  11. In the package 31 "Mitsubishi K-Line" it is now possible to work with the MH8115 without the need to purchase package 24.
  12. In package 35 "Toyota / Lexus / Scion / Hino" the bug with displaying the list of updates for automatic transmission has been fixed, work with ECUs using the "TX2" microcontroller has been added.
  13. In package 41 "Scania EMS / EDC S6" the problem with the "black mark" when writing modified software is solved.
  14. The package 42 "Denso SH705X Bootloader" added support for EEPROM 25A320 / 640/128, as well as support for the COP of some Isuzu and Nissan trucks and Mazda and Nissan cars
  15. Package 43 "Land Rover EDC17СP42 / MED17" added test support for ECU EDC17CP55, MEDC17.9, MED17.8.31
  16. In package 44 "Scania EMS S7 / S8 / EMD1" the problem with the "black mark" when writing modified software has been resolved, and support for new versions of the EMD1 ECU software has been added.
  17. Package 48 "VAG ME (D) 17 UDS" adds support for ECU MED17.1.27 and MED17.1.61.
  18. Package 50 "VAG EDC17 UDS" added support for ECU variant EDC17C64 installed on VW Crafter
  19. Package 51 "China" added support for new ECUs for Chery (ME17U6), Geely (MED17.8.10), GAC (ME17.8.8.1). Reading, writing, checking and correcting the COP is supported.
  20. In package 53 "Infineon Tricore BSL" added the ability to skip ECC errors when reading, added support for new versions of the COP for ECUs of the CRD3 / CRD3P family
  21. In package 54 "Delphi DCM3.7 / AP (SH72513 / 72543/72544)", the requirements for checking the integrity of the software when writing files are relaxed.
  22. Package 55 "Kia / Hyundai Kefico / Denso" adds support for some ECUs installed on Hyundai vehicles that meet Euro 5 and Euro 6 environmental standards.
  23. Package 58 "VAG DSG / CVT" adds the ability to read through the diagnostic connector the contents of the flash memory of the gearbox control units 0CW and 0D9, as well as work with a direct connection with a new type of mechatronics DQ200G2.
  24. Package 60 "Citroen / Peugeot (PSA) SID208" added test support for ECU DCU102, supports reading (with direct connection), writing (via diagnostic connector) and correction of the COP
  25. Package 61 "Kia / Hyundai CPGDSH / CPEGD" adds support for CPEGP2.10.1 / CPGPSH2.14.1 ECUs installed in Kia / Hyundai vehicles with 1.0L and 1.2L petrol engines. Supported reading, unlocking, writing through the diagnostic connector of the car, checking and correcting the COP
  26. Package 62 "Ford / Getrag 6DCT450" adds support for TCM 6DCT451 (XPS6 Gen3) used in Ford, Volvo, Renault and others
  27. Package 69 "Mercedes-Benz MED17 / EDC17" added the ability to work with ECUs when directly connected to the CAN bus at 800Kbps (on the "table"), solved the problem with the impossibility of erasing DTCs for some ECUs.
  28. In the package 71 "Bosch MEDC17 Bootloader", the support for the EDC17CP18 ECU has been improved, the ability to use the Dialink adapter has been added (with a number of restrictions), the algorithm of the Scanmatik 2 "alternative pins" has been changed
  29. Package 73 "Ford MG1" adds support for MG1CS018 ECUs as well as some MG1CS019 variants..
  30. Package 74 "Toyota / Lexus Generation 3" adds ECU support for 2.4L and 2.8L diesel engines.
  31. In package 75 "Ford Power Stroke" added test support for ECU SID902..
  32. Package 76 "Kia / Hyundai Gearbox" adds support for CPTSH2.08.2 and SIM2K-143. Reading, writing, checking and correcting the COP is supported.
  33. Other useful changes.