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Chiploader 2

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  • Brand: Chiploader
  • Product Code: 69-01
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The chip-tuning software ChipLoader is designed to program a great number of ECUs, both Russian (Itelma, Avtel) and foreign (Bosch M(P,E,D,G) 7.x.x, Siemens SIMK 31/41/43, SIM2K 47/140/141/341/D160/34VR, Sirius D3/D4/D32/D42, Simtec 7x/8x, Simos 7.1, MS43, EMS3132; Delphi MT20x/22/38/80, MR140/HW240; ACDelco IEFI6/ITMS-6F; Keihin with SH7058 processors, etc.). TriCore TC1762/TC1766/TC1796 processors support in BSL mode.

Chiploader is one of the oldest solutions for chip-tuning in Russia.

Standard configuration includes support of the following ECUs:

  • Yanvar −5.x;
  • Yanvar −7.2;
  • VS-5.1;
  • Bosch M7.9.7, M7.9.7+;
  • Mikas-7.1;
  • Mikas −7.6;
  • Mikas −10.3;
  • Mikas −10.3+ (Mikas −11)
  • Mikas −11 (GAZ vehicles);
  • VS-8; Yanvar −7.2+;
  • Kefico M 7.9.7;
  • Bosch MP-7.0;
  • Bosch ME 7.9.9;
  • Bosch M 7.9.8;
  • Bosch MG 7.9.8;
  • Bosch ME 7.1;
  • Bosch ME 7.5;
  • Bosch ME 7.5.10;
  • Bosch ME 7.9.7.

Other ECUs support is available through additional modules. It means that a user’s requirements determine optimum configuration at a reasonable price.

Chiploader is a good solution for various brands — VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, ZAZ, Daewoo, Chevrolet, Opel, Hyundai, Kia, Chery, Geely, Renault, Dacia, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, BMW, Honda.

Main features:

  1. CAN bus support through J2534 devices.
  2. Conversion into/from various formats (Simos, Peugeot307, Bosch EDC16, Bosch ME9).
  3. Enigma and Enigma 2 (SMS-Software) support
  4. Fetch protection (only for Yanvar-5.x, VS-5.1).
  5. Reading/flashing of dual-mode software (for ECUs with this function)
  6. Immobilizer removal (only for Yanvar-5.x, VS-5.1).
  7. Switch to diagnostic mode with automatic launch of the diagnosis program.
  8. User files processing
  9. ChipExplorer integration
  10. Increased functionality due to plug-in use
  11. Various firmware formats support.
  12. K-Line adapter testing
  13. Netbook use

Increased functionality due to external plug-ins:

  1. EEPROM dump file recovery of Mikas −7.6 memory
  2. Immobilizer information copying (Siemens 5WY, Sirius, Siemens EMS 3132)
  3. Software version definition (for Yanvar-5.x, VS-1, Mikas-7.x families)

The program uses USB-donglese which is included into the delivery package.

The ECU programming is conducted through an ordinary K-Line adapter (both COM and USB) or a J2534 device. The majority of ECUs allow programming through a diagnostic link connector, some support BSL mode and EEPROM programming.


Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7;
  • Processor: Pentium III, 800 MHz;
  • 256Mb System RAM;
  • not less than 1Gb free HDD Space.

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