Alientech Kess v2 Slave

Alientech Kess v2 Slave

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  • Brand: Alientech
  • Product Code: 59-01
  • Vendor code: 108


KESS V2 Slave is a universal flasher from Alientech, providing the opportunity to work with the ECU directly through the OBD-II connector. The device supports all the major protocols: CAN, J1850, K-Line which allows programming of a large number of control units installed on cars, motorcycles, Katara, trucks and special equipment. KESS V2 is easy to use and provides a secure programming blocks.

Features of KESS V2 Slave

Slave different from the Master version of the reading and writing of the firmware is carried out in special, scriptabana format! Slave is bound to a Master, involves working in its network and appeal to its owner for a modified firmware. For the organization of work in the network of one or more Slave devices, you must have a network master device KESS V2 Master. Upgrade Slave to Master versions for differences in the cost of the instruments with the activation of all licenses.

When you buy the device at the same time obtaining the license for the specific protocols and connection cables. The basic version (adapter and cables) without a license can not function and is not sold separately!

Purchased licenses are provided with free subscription for updates to the list of supported control units (ECU) within the first year. In the future, the subscription is extended for an annual fee. If the subscription was not renewed, the device continues to get updates and to work with the list of blocks supported on the end of your current subscription. Renewal may be effected at any time after any interruption. To receive all the available updates will require a subscription payment for the entire period since graduation.


  • Base unit 14P600KV01
  • Universal cable to connect with ECU 144300K201
  • OBD-II cable 144300KCAN
  • USB cable
  • Carrying Case

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