Alientech K-Tag Slave

Alientech K-Tag Slave

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  • Brand: Alientech
  • Product Code: 62-01
  • Vendor code: 111


K-TAG Slave is a professional multi-purpose chip tuning tool, a powerful instrument for reading and writing flash and eeprom of cars, motorbikes, trucks, agricultural vehicles and boats ECUs.

K-TAG is designed for working on the bench via BDM, BSL, JTAG interfaces.
Alientech specialists have accumulated a lot of new information and experience while developing and using KESS v2 OBD-II flasher. K-TAG has been developed using this experience and with regard to  chip tuners’ needs, it has become more flexible and reliable. The standard configuration of the tool supports J-Tag (Renesas, Motorolla, Nexus) for working with Asian brands, it is 100% compatible with this protocol as well as with BDM (Motorolla) and BSL (Infineon) factory protocols. Thus, the tool supports most of the modern 8, 16 and 32 bit microprocessors and is a good addition to the famous KESS v2 flasher. Together they form a multi-purpose set for solving the most difficult tasks. 

Reliable and professional

  • Powerful, flexible, convenient and user friendly interface
  • Automatic updates of interactive step-by-step guides for ECU connection 
  • Full backup and memory regeneration of the ECU in case of a failure 
  • Reading and writing external and internal flash and eeprom memory of the CPU
  • Unlocking for further work via OBD-II

K-Suite Software

K-Suite software helps to select the vehicle and the ECU type as well as to get immediate access to the updated guides for each protocol. While working with K-Suite, the user does not need to worry about checksum correction or the ECU connection order. The Slave version of the tool differs from the Master one by the special encrypted format in which files are read and written. A Slave is linked to a Master, and is supposed to work in its network and contact it for a modified file. A K-TAG Master is necessary to arrange the network operation for one or several Slaves. It is possible to upgrade a Slave tool into a Master one for the difference in price of full activation.


ECUTools Slave Network

We accept applications for joining our Slave network from the current customers.  We are also ready to sell Slave tools linked to our Master on special terms.
We prioritize high standard service and reasonable prices for our customers, that is why the implementation of this project could not be conducted without thorough preparation and it took us a considerable amount of time. 
Our advantages:

  • Personalized approach;
  • Direct supply from Italy;
  • Support from a personal manager;
  • A possibility of ordering a modified file or individual calibration for your task;
  • A huge database of tuned files;
  • Processing your requests 24 hour ASAP;

A Slave from our company is a chance to concentrate on the work with your clients and increasing your income. We will solve all other problems! 



K-TAG Slave is a hardware and software set which includes:

  • hardware, a power supply adapter and connection cables;
  • software licenses for certain CPUs;
  • a positioning frame and sets of boards and cables.

The tool is to be purchased together with the necessary software protocols. The hardware without software licenses does not function and cannot be purchased separately!
The purchased licenses are provided with free subscription for protocol and K-Suite updates and technical support for a year. After one year period the subscription is to be bought yearly.

If the subscription is not renewed, the tool continues to get the software updates and to work with the protocols supported for the moment of the current subscription expiration. The subscription can be renewed any time after any pause. If you want to get all the updates you will have to pay for the whole period since the subscription expiration.



It is recommended to use the positioning frame and boards for it for convenient and fast work. The boards can be purchased in sets or separately. Below you can find the list of available accessories. 


  • Base unit 14KT00KTAM
  • Set of jumper cables 144300KTST
  • Adapter Kit for soldering to be soldered: 14AS00T01S, 14AS00T03S, 14AS00T04S
  • Cable for MED17-EDC17 14P600KT02
  • The power cable of the device through battery 144300K218
  • USB cable

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